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The Process of buying a policy is very simple at . We are the only portal in the whole of MENA region that have the capability where customers can buy a Motor Policy Online Instantly , in Media Its our vision to make the policy buying experience for the customer Very simple You can buy a policy just under 5 Minutes (#5 Minutes Policy) if you have all your documents ready
Refer Our Process to Buy Policy Online for more details
As per the UAE law it is mandatory to have your Car Insured. You need to atleast have a Third Party Insurance . If your car is financed or Mortgaged the Bank will insist on Comprehensive Covers. You need to have a Valid Driving License and have a Residence Visa to buy Car Insurance.
A comprehensive insurance policy will cover you against your own loss or damage as well as third party property damage. Loss or damage could result from an accidental collision, fire, burglary, external explosion, self-ignition, lightning, theft and any malicious act by a third party. Third party liability policy is the basic coverage that is mandatory as per the UAE law and it covers death or bodily injury to any third party/person as well as property damage caused by the insured’s vehicle. The policy does not cover damage/loss to the insured vehicle.
The current car value is calculated by comparing the average market value of the same vehicle. The car value is depreciated by 15% every year thereafter. This value differs from each Insurance Company.
Comprehensive coverage can be provided as long as your vehicle is less than 10 years old. After that, the coverage will be underwritten on a case by case basis.
No Claims Discount is a special discount on the insurance premium given to individuals who have an accident-free record for a minimum of 1 year.
Some Insurance companies cover Oman (Own Damage), Please refer your policy Schedule along with Policy wordings to understand your covers and benefits
Agency repair is normally available up to 2 years from the year of first registration of the vehicle
Off-road cover is included for vehicles that have off-road capability or vehicles that have Four Wheel Drive Capability (For example, Pajero, Prado, Jeep, Land Cruiser, and so on).
Every policy is covered under a Road Side Assistance coverage and they will be able to assist you in the event of a vehicle breakdown. You can check your policy schedule for the Toll free no to avail their assistance
In agency repair, you can take your vehicle to the manufacturer’s/Dealer’s authorized workshop to fix any damage due to an accident. In Case of non-agency repair, you can take your vehicle to any of Panel/Authorised garages of the respective Insurance company to fix any accidental damage.
We can provide this service provided you were insured with us during your previous policy period .
The Policy is valid for a period of 13 Months
A hire car shall be provided for the duration of repair / or claim settlement is dependant on the Insurance Company and the coverage you chose at the time of buying your policy under Section 2 – Loss or Damage, of your insurance policy. You can also avail the Hire Car Benefit/Rent a Car Benefit if you are the Non-Faulty party (Third Party Fault)
You can cancel the policy in the event of either selling the vehicle or exporting the vehicle. Documents that are required are either no plate/Transfer Certificate from the RTA, export certificate or the new registration card from the buyer. Once we have these documents, and subject to there being no claim reported against the policy, the cancellation request will be processed and a cheque for the pro-rata share of the premium will be refunded to you (subject to you having paid us the policy premium in its entirety) within 21 working days. Please note that if your policy is in the Final Quarter (from the start of 10th Month, there will be no refund)
This is not possible as the insurance premium is calculated based on different factors including the type of vehicle and the drivers experience and the Premium may vary. You will have to cancel your old policy and buy a New Policy .
You’ll have to obtain a police report and then contact our Hotline to report a claim on 800 Oasis (62747) or Whatsapp your documents to our claims hotline +971 055 898 6333 and give them the details or log on to to login your claim or mail us the following documents at – copies of Police report | Driving License of the driver who was driving the vehicle at the time of accident and the Mulkiya Card. They will advise you on the next steps.
We recommend you to adhere to the following instructions immediately after an accident:
 A police report is required by the UAE law in order to make a claim. Therefore, contact the traffic police department and wait for the police to attend to the scene of the accident if the vehicle is not in a driving condition or register the claim through the Dubai Police App for Minor Damages.
Ensure that you do not block the traffic to avoid any penalty imposed by the police.
The Police may advise you to visit the nearest police station to report the accident.
If there is bodily injury to the driver and/or passengers and if any of the personal items placed in the vehicle are damaged, you must inform the police and have it mentioned in the police report to claim the benefits enlisted in the policy.
If the vehicle is not in a driving condition or if you observe any oil/coolant leakage or any damage underneath the vehicle, the damaged vehicle must be moved to a workshop by a towing vehicle.
Contact your RSA Agency to assist you in towing the Vehicle as specified in your Policy Schedule .
It is the amount that you pay to the insurance company in case of a non-recoverable claim or if You are at Fault as specified in the Police report
We offer the following benefits for free with the car insurance policy:
 Social perils up to a limit of the vehicle value.
 Third party property damage as per the Insurance Company Policy Schedule and Policy wordings.
 Loss of personal effects as per the Insurance Company Policy Schedule and Policy wordings.
 Key replacement as per the Insurance Company Policy Schedule and Policy Wordings
 Personal injury as per the Insurance Company Policy Schedule and Policy Wordings.
 Agency repairs if specified in the Policy Schedule .
 Oman coverage (Own damage cover) as Specified in the Insurance company Policy Schedule and Policy Wordings.
 Legal liability for family members.
 Six months waiver of depreciation for brand new vehicles as specified in the Insurance Company Policy Schedule .
 Off-road coverage (for all applicable 4 x 4 vehicles).
We do provide insurance for these vehicles but it is on a referral basis only and has to be approved by the underwriter and hence may not be possible to buy it online. However Your Personal Advisor will assist you to Insure it.
The excess or deductible mentioned on your policy schedule is applicable for each separate accident / incident generating a damage for which there is no identified Third Party responsible according to the police / traffic court judgment.
As per the UAE guidelines, the insurer of your vehicle is required to notify the loss to TP’s insurance carrier if the estimate repair cost exceeds a pre-set amount (AED 5,000). It will take three working days for the TP’s insurer to inspect the vehicle and agree on the repair cost with the repairer. This is required to recover the expenses incurred for repairing the vehicle from the TP’s insurer and to maintain your No Claim Discount (NCD) as earlier.
If the total estimated cost of repairing your damaged car exceed 50% of the Car Insured Value, then the Insurance company would consider it a Total Loss.
This is a unified insurance Scheme which is required by Vehicles Travelling within the GCC countries. It covers Third Part Liability(TPL) as per the prevailing laws of the country where the accident has taken place and forms a part of the Vehicle Policy.

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