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The Takaful Certificate coverage is valid worldwide subject to regular Contribution payments and excludes travel to war-torn countries in which there is a UN peacekeeping operation or any declared war zone.
If your claim is approved by the Takaful Company, your money would go to your stated beneficiary/beneficiaries.
14 working days after receipt of all complete documents.
You will be required to submit the Takaful Certificate, Passport, Visa Copy, Claim Form, Medical Certificates establishing the illness supported by investigative and diagnostic reports as well as other documents as may be required by the Company. The Medical Certificates need to be notarized and attested by the authorized Ministry of the Country of Origin, UAE Embassy / Consulate in the country of origin and Ministry of Foreign Affairs, UAE.

Takaful Certificate, Passport, Visa Copy, Claim Form, Medillness supported by investigative and diagnostic reports may be required by the company.

You can notify the Claims Department, Noor Takaful PJSC on +971 8006667 for your claim settlement.

No, this plan is not eligible for bonus.

Yes, customer can add and change beneficiaries anytime during the plan term.

No rider can be attached to this plan.

90 days from the earliest due date for which a contribution was paid.

Nothing is payable on surrender of the plan.

The Sum Assured will be paid to the Life Assured as a lump sum on diagnosis of any one of the 37 illnesses as per the definitions given. The diagnosis should have been made 90 days after the date of commencement of the Takaful Certificate or the Last reinstatement date. The Life Assured should survive for a minimum period of 28 days from the date of diagnosis to be eligible to receive the payment. No benefit will be paid to the nominee / Life Assured in case of any other scenario like death of the Life Assured due to natural causes, accident, etc.

90 days from the Takaful Certificate commencement date or last reinstatement date.

If none of the critical illnesses specified in the Takaful Certificate are diagnosed during the Takaful Certificate ter, nothing will be paid on maturity.

No. You can participate in the plan without a medical examination. If you make a claim, Takaful Company may ask you to attend one.

Since the plan term for Femal Care is 5 years, your contributions will stay same during the term of the plan.

No, change of contribution schedule during the term of the plan is not allowed.

Payment of contribution may be made on an Annual basis.

The plan has a fixed term of 5 years.

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