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All content featured on the Website and in any newsletters, postings, mailings and any form of communication from or its associates/affiliates are subject to this disclaimer.
The information provided here are not meant as a recommendation of a particular insurer/provider; The listings are made based on the inputs provided by the respective insurance companies/providers. Information contained in any tables is subject to confirmation and is provided for information purposes only.
Our efforts are to offer unbiased, accurate and responsible data to the best of our ability. We are however, in no manner or form responsible for any discrepancies in the data published on our website.
There is no intention or purpose of violating any intellectual property or ancillary rights.
All information, rates, deductibles, terms and conditions provided on the Website is subject to the Company’s discretion and is likely to change without any notice. Information provided is obtained from freely available sources and was obtained directly from affiliate or third party printed materials and websites, as well as directly from helplines &/or call centres.
Oasis Insurance &/or our affiliates expressly disclaim any responsibility for ensuring the accuracy of any information contained on its website, in any newsletters, postings, or mailings, or provided in any other manner, and expressly disclaim any responsibility for any consequences arising from the use of or reliance upon such information by any person
Employees, partners and associated staff of the Company are not accountable for any loss, harm or damage that occurs or may occur or arise from the usage of information from the portal. Customers are advised to use their own discretion in such matters.
It is important to understand that insurance is a subject matter of solicitation and market risks. It is the responsibility of the customer to understand the limitations of insurance policies and the risks involved, and under no circumstance, form or manner, do we take any liability in such cases. We also recommend you to please read the subject and offer documents carefully. The information provided on the portal is for financial and insurance purposes.
It is important to understand that the insurance rates, deductibles, terms, conditions, issuance of policy &/or endorsements are solely at the discretion of the participating insurers and are dependent on the webservices provided by the insurance companies. Any discrepancy, delay or disruption of the webservices whether known &/or unknown &/or scheduled or otherwise, with &/or without prior knowledge of the website; shall absolve Oasis Insurance &/or its affiliates of any liability either express or implied. Oasis Insurance shall endeavor to rectify such discrepancy, delay or disruption of any such services & such rectification may be done offline & within reasonable time pray allowance will be made for delay due to out of office hours of the insurer/ weekends/ public holidays/ force majeure.
It is a mutual understanding between us and the customers that their association with the Website will be at the customer's sole discretion and risk.
It is made abundantly clear that the Company, its directors, shareholders, officers and employees and the Company are in no way responsible to or liable for any one in respect of his/her investment decision, and every prospect/ investor/policyholder shall be solely responsible for the consequences of his/her decision.

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